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My name is Angelica and I’m a graduate student pursuing a dual degree in Regional Planning and Public Policy. This blog will serve as a vehicle to share creative insight while acting as a resource toolbox for other urbanists, planners, and the like. Often times as a researcher or planner, you come across things and may not have one place where you keep it all, and so overtime you lose track of the important websites, papers, and guides that once were useful to you. My hope is that you will continue to come back to this blog for information and tools most valuable, as well as for some honest commentary on urban and rural events.

In my personal life I have been learning the practice of mindfulness, and I find it also necessary to be mindful of my own background and of others when planning and interacting with others. I believe that challenging myself both personally and professionally to always strive for authenticity, along with working cooperatively across differences can offer some of the best projects and collaborations, especially when public engagement and planning is at the core of the project plans and implementation. You can read about my mindfulness practice every Monday and check out my Mindfulness Challenge page for resources!

Besides planning, I enjoy making up songs on the fly, creating my own healthy twists to recipes and sharing them with others. I also love children, nature and sustainable gardening, and learning. I can be reached at productivediscomfort@gmail.com.

Meet Leo, who helps keep me sane in grad school.



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    • Sandy Sue, I loved your blog. I actually wanted to start a second blog but connect it to my current one, to have a space just to focus on my journey with my mental illness and mindfulness. I wanted to see what was out there and how it was being received. Your blog is awesome and really honest in how you write. I appreciate knowing there’s someone out there that I can relate to, not just as a blogger but as a person living their life with “a mind divided”. I hope you check out my blog and leave some comments or suggestions.


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